Our Security Policy

We understand that many users place a high level of trust in the ISG Smart Card and IoT Security Centre and the products we make to manage mission critical infrastructure. The privacy of customer data and the security of our solutions and services are a top priority. That's why we apply widely accepted best practices when it comes to security.


The ISG Smart Card and IoT Security Centre has a privacy policy section that discloses what information may be collected and how it is used.

For any specific questions, please contact [email protected].

Vulnerability Reporting

We deeply appreciate any effort to discover and disclose security vulnerabilities responsibly.

If you would like to report a vulnerability in one of our products, or have any security concerns with PrineSec software, please email-us.

For non-critical matters, we prefer customers open a ticket with the appropriate product. In order for us to best investigate your request, please include any of the following when reporting:

  • Proof of concept
  • Any tools, including versions used
  • Tool output

We take all disclosures very seriously and will do our best to rapidly respond and verify the vulnerability before taking the necessary steps to fix it. After our initial reply to your disclosure, which should be directly after receiving it, we will periodically update you with the status of the fix.